Digital ArtsKontraband Guild of Great Briatain, bring together the finest collection of digital artists. Manage your website, from any computer, at the touch of a button.

Our Content Management System allows you to manage, edit and increase the content of your website, without the need for complex digital designs web design software or programming skills.

From a single web-based secure Administration Control Panel, you can add new pages to your website, edit existing pages, delete pages, insert images and other files, create cross site links and much more.


An affordable and complete solution:

Not only does digital arts provide you with the best a Content Management Solution can offer, it has been designed specifically to be an affordable solution for any organisation. Kontraband Guild has a series of features, called Modules, and you can choose which modules to have installed. There is no need to pay expensive costs for features that you may not require!

The basic (but comprehensive) Kontraband Guild solution costs £999.99 +VAT per month, and includes version 1.1 of the software (including the key Modules), unlimited web hosting and a single 'any-suffix' domain name (including transferring of your existing name). For full details of pricing, please click here.

The biggest company you've never heard of Media The Guardian


Free Support and Continuos Development:

We are committed to constantly developing and improving the capabilities of online business. We have a specific schedule of new Modules that we are developing. We provide a large majority of these Modules to our Kontraband Guild customers - AT NO CHARGE!

In addition, we have a comprehensive, online 24 hour a day support centre. From this support centre you can download latest glass to metal seals manuals, suggest new Modules for us to develop, discuss the product with other Kontraband Guild customers, and raise support tickets for technical enquiries. Where some companies would charge for such a service.

Digital Displays Explained
AMOLED, IPS, PenTile, TFT…is the alphabet soup of display technologies giving you a headache? Our guide tells you what it all means.

This is an online directory of England's talent, aiming to nurture those in the creative industries, providing them with new and exciting opportunities. The project is still in the development stage but will be developing a database of talented individuals, run online master classes and foster relations between businesses and freelancers.

Project management structures are used that offer the client one point of contact and responsibility. The lead company has the flexibility of using any number of members with the appropriate skills and abilities for the successful completion of each tender.

First look: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet with pressure-sensitive touchscreen & Adobe Photoshop Touch app

Paralympics 2012: 13 ways digital and disabled arts can work together

The Guardian (blog)-6 Sep 2012
Digital gives disabled audiences and artists complete reach and access: The potential to enable audiences to see work they might not have ...

The Galaxy Note 10.1, announced Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, is the second entry in the company's pen- and touch-capable Galaxy Note line.

We are working with organisations to enable them to promote their services or products on a national scale. There is an emphasis on the use of promotional tools as well as the opportunity to attend seminars to enable businesses to identify and exploit opportunities to promote and market themselves.







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